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8111 - One Piece White

8111 - One Piece White

14800 Tk. 16000 Tk.
In stock

One Piece Toilet Siphonic Flush- 8058

Item No                                   8058

Dimensions                            660*410*590 mm

Structure                                One-piece

Drainage                                 S-trap: 300 mm roughing-in

Flush Style                             Jet Flash Siphonic

Flush Button                          Double Flush

Colour                                     White & Off White

Seat Cover                              Soft-close Seat Cover      

Body Materials                         Ceramic

Finish                                       Mirror Polish


  What is the difference between one piece toilet and two piece toilet

There are two main functional parts in a toilet, water tank and toilet bowl. For one piece toilet, water tank and toilet bowl are kilned together in one body. For two piece toilet, these two parts are seperate.
One piece toilet looks more elegant and easier to clean, because there no gap between water tank and toilet bowl. However, one piece is more expensive for its unibody.
Two piece toilet is more economic, and it'easier to carry when you need to left it upstairs.


+88 e.g. +8801716611441


+88 e.g. +8801716611441